Column: Broke Senior Year Spring Break

SPRANG BRAKE FO'EVER | Photo courtesy of Flickr user Cat Branchman

SPRANG BRAKE FO’EVA | Photo courtesy of Flickr user Cat Branchman

Wonder what I was up to this spring break? Now you know.

Oh, spring break. It’s that hallowed week where college coeds book all-inclusive vacations to Cabo and Punta Cana to drink rum from fish bowls, down prescription pills and participate in a level of debauchery that would be frowned upon north of the border.

Unless, of course, you’re a college senior fresh from a semester abroad with a depleted bank account and a job to pin down. Add in an empty Boston apartment, the demanding job you already have and a whole week to do nothing but work and voila! There, before your eyes, is the Broke Senior Year Spring Break.

The Broke Senior Year Spring Break is the least fun of staycations. It’s characterized by boxes of Kraft mac n’ cheese and occasional meltdowns over what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. Bonus points if you throw in Wednesday margaritas and hate-stalking classmates’ vacation pictures while watching Cruel Intentions. Damn straight it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life.

The break isn’t all bad, though. The fact that everyone is busy Instagramming beach sunsets from the Bahamas means there’s always a table open at Starbucks to do work. And work you do; the quiet campus makes for a distraction-free environment in which to get shit done. In fact, the motto of the Broke Senior Year Spring Break is “GET SHIT DONE.” You do all your readings and polish your resume in between shifts at work. You send said resume to respectable companies and end each day satisfied with everything you’ve accomplished.

And it’s not like you don’t have any fun at all. Wednesday margaritas turn into Thursday margaritas that definitely turn into Friday margaritas because it’s the weekend and there’s no way you’re staying in on a Friday. While coworkers are sipping champagne at the club in Tijuana you’re dancing at the Irish bar and drinking whiskey with people with last names like O’Connell and O’Brien. The only real difference between you and the spring breakers is where you nurse your hangover the next morning; you wake up and suffer through work while they go to the resort casino to play slots while trying not to dry heave. Not so glamorous and exotic now, are we?

The final days of the Broke Senior Year Spring Break are marked by Netflix and staying in bed until early afternoon. A few attempts are made to check emails and update LinkedIn, but the majority of your hard work is behind you. You put in the effort and got that shit done, so you deserve a little rest. That, after all, is the point of spring break, whether you’re broke in Boston or popping bottles in Puerto Vallarta.  If you work hard, you get to play hard, right?

To quote a certain film: “Spring break fo’ever, y’all.”

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