NewsTrack Week 4

The Seattle Times is great at local news. That’s one of the reasons why I love the publication so much. They consistently produce informative articles that are fun to read and appeal to Seattle’s diverse community.

As entertaining as all their local reports are, this past week’s report really takes the cake. Today’s blog post is dedicated to what might (literally) be the coolest Times article ever: an in-depth report on the ice caves on Mt. Rainier.

Screenshot of the article's featured image

Screenshot of the article’s first image: a researcher climbing out of a cave toward the light

Mt. Rainier is a staple of the Seattle skyline. The mountain rising over the waters of Lake Washington creates a landscape that never fails to stun. That’s why this article was so fun for me to read; I’m used to seeing the mountain from the distance, so getting a chance to see it up close was really cool.

The best part of this article was its use of multimedia to document the climb. The photos, video, and interactive panorama were a great combination- having all these things to look at really immersed the reader in the experience. Not to mention, reporter Sandi Doughton actually had to climb the mountain to create those visuals, so props to her and the Times!

I liked the panorama and the videos, but the photos were what really blew me away. No surprise there; the Times photography is always fantastic. In this piece, photographer Fix De Rudyts’ photos perfectly captured the researchers’ determination and the caves’ otherworldly feel. The photos of microbiologist Zoe Harrold taking water samples from the lake are definitely my favorite. The additional gallery of photos from the climb is also worth checking out.

Screenshot of one of my favorites from the gallery:  team member Colin Pither chipping at a cave wall

Screenshot of one of my favorites from the gallery: team member Colin Pither chipping at a cave wall

Another week, another great multimedia piece from The Seattle Times. Here’s to convincing me to go climb a mountain!



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