NewsTrack Week 3

This week’s post is dedicated to my new favorite Seattle Times feature: Photos of the Day.

Every day the Times posts a collection of 20-30 newsworthy images gathered

Firemen fighting the wildfires in California

Photo showing firemen fighting the wildfires in California | credit Seattle Times

from sources around the world. Whether it’s Scottish citizens voting on independence from England or Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly addressing lawmakers in DC, the photos showcase the best of that day’s photojournalism.

I love everything about Photos of the Day. The images are exquisite and their subject matter diverse but what really amazes me is how powerful the images are: they tell a story in a way that words can’t.

A perfect example of this is a photo from September 16th.

That day the gallery featured a photo of a woman mourning her son, an immigrant who disappeared while journeying from Mexico to the States in 2003. While the accompanying text was sobering, it was the way the photo captured her tucking her face into her hand to hide a tear that was so powerful. The words told her story but it was the photo that communicated how heartbroken she was- seeing her in front of you made her emotion palpable.

I love that photographs can do that. Ever since I learned how to use a DSLR I appreciate photography so much more because I now know exactly what goes into each shot. That’s why I find Photos of the Day so striking; not only are the photographs well-executed, but they tell a story on top of that technical execution.

Photojournalism really is an incredible field. I couldn’t see myself entering it, but I sincerely enjoy keeping track of. It’s good to know the Times is keeping track of it, too!

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