NewsTrack Week 2

This week it looks like The Seattle Times is getting ready to cover Seattle Busker Week.

This coming week (September 14-20) marks the 40th anniversary of Ordinance No. 103824, which gave street artists the right to perform and earn money in public places. To celebrate, the city is putting on a week long festival of performances and other events for the public to enjoy. So far the Times has put up a preview article with an accompanying photo gallery, which is what I’m going to discuss in this week’s post.

Overall, I liked the Times’ coverage. I thought the article was fun and had great visuals, especially for a text-heavy post (this was a definite improvement from last week’s earthquake piece, which I thought was lacking in things to look at). I loved the inclusion of YouTube videos; they showed the performers in action and captured their personalities in a way that words alone couldn’t have done. Not to mention they demonstrated how truly talented Seattle’s buskers are- I’ve seen the Spoonman in action and he really does move that fast!

The photo gallery was by far my favorite part of their coverage. I thought the photos did a wonderful job of showcasing how quirky Seattle is and what kind of people call it home. I only wish it had featured performers in other parts of the city instead of focusing only on those at Pike Place; really talented street drummers hang out a couple blocks over and it would’ve been great if they had been included in the gallery.

However, that might be my only gripe with the Times this week. I think their multimedia department is just fantastic; every piece I see about local news and culture does such a great job of capturing Seattle’s funky, granola vibe. Now I’m just looking forward to seeing what other things they come up with as Busker Week gets going!

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